Bodenwiese, Austria

12 May 2020

From Payerbach up the Payerbach Eng (a narrow canyon), over to the Bodenwiese and lunch at the (still closed) Waldburgangerhütte, and then back down to Payerbach via the Jubiläumsaussicht.

From Payerbach, first a short but steep climb up to Schneedörfl.

A view of the Rax.

Then up the Payerbach Eng.

Finally the sun started coming out!

Through the Bodenwiese (a large meadow).

The Waldburgangerhütte.

Then back down to Payerbach.

Another view of the Rax from the Jubiläumsaussicht.

Map, elevation profile, and additional information

GPS track Bodenwiese.gpx
Trailhead coordinates 47.695811, 15.862821
Length & cumulative elevation 15km, +/-950m
Public transport Train to/from Payerbach.
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