Bisamberg, Austria

27 July 2020

A short walk up and down the Bisamberg (a hill just north of Vienna) to the Elisabethhöhe, to watch the sunset and hopefully catch a glimpse of comet NEOWISE.
But unfortunately it was just a bit too cloudy and too much city light to see it. The sunset was spectacular though!

A view back towards Vienna from halfway up the hill, just before sunset.

This guy was begging to be photographed! Look at those jaws...

Meanwhile the sun was setting over the Danube.

A memorial to the former empress at the Elisabethhöhe.

You can see some of the craters on the moon just at the dark/light edge.

Burg Kreuzenstein out in the distance, nicely lit up.

I think that greenish dot just above center is the comet. But alas, those clouds were too persistent...

And the view back towards Vienna on the way down.

Map, elevation profile, and additional information

GPS track Bisamberg.gpx
Trailhead coordinates 48.308409, 16.355836
Length & cumulative elevation 4km, +/-200m
Public transport Train from Vienna to Langenzersdorf.
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