Burg Seebenstein, Austria

18 December 2019

From Gleissenfeld along the Türkensturz and Burg Seebenstein to Seebenstein village. A short and easy hike, but lots of fun!

Starting in Gleissenfeld, with a view of the Türkensturz.

A view of the Schneeberg (right) and Raxalpe (left).

The ruins on top.

Then through the forest...

...to Burg Seebenstein.

According to legend, some Templar Knights once hid in this cave.

The pretty little church in the village of Seebenstein.

And the cutest little train station.

Finally, a panoramic view of the Schneeberg and Raxalpe in the distance.

Map, elevation profile, and additional information

GPS track BurgSeebenstein.gpx
Trailhead coordinates 47.679385, 16.128905
Length & cumulative elevation 6km, +/-350m
Public transport Train from Wiener Neustadt to Gleissenfeld and back from Seebenstein.
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All images © 2019 Wim Hordijk