Click on the thumbnail images in the list below to view each photograph in full size, together with some background information. Some of the photographs have a link (in bold) in their description, leading to a few more images of a particular area, or to a popular science article explaining more about a relevant topic. Below the list is a map indicating the specific locations in and around Vienna where these photographs were taken.

Nr. Image Title Location
1 Spring blossom Donauinsel, Vienna
2 Swans in courtship Donauinsel, Vienna
3 Rays of sunlight Wienerwald, Vienna
4 Grey heron Türkenschanzpark, Vienna
5 Small deer Weidling, Klosterneuburg
6 Striped frog Lobau, Vienna
7 Greater spotted woodpecker Schubertpark, Vienna
8 Vineyards Nussdorf, Vienna
9 Kingfisher Lobau, Vienna
10 Legless lizard Wienerwald, Vienna
11 Red squirrel Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark, Vienna
12 Tiny mouse Hameau, Vienna
13 Fall colors I Kahlenberg, Vienna
14 Desolate landscape Lobau, Vienna
15 Baby birds My backyard, Vienna
16 Winter landscape Hermannskogel, Vienna
17 Scruffy fox Augebiet, Kritzendorf
18 Fall colors II Nussdorf, Vienna
19 Sunset Bisamberg, Langenzersdorf
20 Full moon Leopoldsberg, Vienna